Helping Children Who are Blind
Written by Hajera   
Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Dari Translation




Front Cover- HCWB

Front Cover 2nd & Table of Contents- HCWB

Chapter 1 How Can I Help My Child

Chapter 2 Getting Started

Chapter 3 General Guidelines for Learning Activities

Chapter 4 Finding Out What Your Child Can See

Chapter 5 Activities For The Young Baby

Chapter 6 Communication

Chapter 7 Thinking Skills

Chapter 8 Teaching Everyday Activities

Chapter 9 Safety

Chapter 10 Movement

Chapter 11 Helping Your Child Know Where She Is

Chapter 12 Preventing Sexual Abuse

Chapter 13 Becoming Part of the Community

Chapter 14 Getting Ready for Child Care and School

Chapter 15 Support for Parents and Caregivers

Chapter 16 Why Children Lose Their Vision & What We Can Do

Chapter 17 As Your Child Gets Older

D- Appendix A- Child Development Charts
E- Appendix B- Toys You Can Make
F- Back Cover
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