A book for Midwives
Written by Hajera   
Monday, 25 May 2015

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A Book for Midwives- Intorduction

Chapter 1-ABfM- Words to Midwives

Chapter 2-ABfM- Tools for Safer Births

Chapter 3-ABfM- A Woman's Body During Pregnancy

Chapter 4-ABfM- Helping Pregnant Women Stay Healthy

Chapter 5-ABfM- Helping Pregnant Women with Common Complains

Chapter 6-ABfM- Taking a Pregnancy Health History

Chapter 7-ABfM- Prenatal Checkups

Chapter 8-ABfM- What a Body is Doing During Labor

Chapter 9-ABfM- Giving Good Care During Labor

Chapter 10-ABfM- What to Do During Stage 1



Chapter 11-ABfM- What to Do During Stage 2

Chapter 12-ABfM- What to Do During Stage 3

Chapter 13-ABfM- What to Do During 1st 2 to 6 hours After Birth

Chapter 14-ABfM- What to Do During 1st 2Weeks After Birth

Chapter 15-ABfM- Complications in Stage 1

Chapter 16-ABfM- Complications in Stage 2

Chapter 17-ABfM- Complications in Stage 3

Chapter 18-ABfM- Complications in 1st 2 to 6 hours After Birth

Chapter 19-ABfM- Complications in the 1st 2 Weeks After Birth

Chapter 20-ABfM- Teaching People About Birth

Chapter 21-ABfM- Breast is Best

Chapter 22-ABfM- Family Planning

Chapter 23-ABfM- infections of the Genitals

Chapter 24-ABfM- Special Procedures for Outside the Hospital

Chapter 25-ABfM- Homemade Equipment Teaching Aid

D-ABfM- Green Pages

E-ABfM- For Learning more- Vocabulary-Other Books

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