A Community Guide to Environmental Health
Written by Hajera   
Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Dari Translation 



A Community Guide to Environmental Health-Introduction

Chapter 1-CGTEH- Promoting Community Environmental Health

Chapter 2-CGTEH- Understanding and Mobilizing for Community Health

Chapter 3-CGTEH- Protecting Natural Resources for All

Chapter 4-CGTEH- Envirnomental Rights and Justice

Chapter 5-CGTEH- Health Problems from Unsafe Wate

Chapter 6-CGTEH- Protecting Community Water

Chapter 7-CGTEH- Building Toilets

Chapter 8-CGTEH- Health Problems from Mosquitoes

Chatper 9-CGTEH- Protecting Watersheds

Chapter 10-CGTEH- Forests


Chapter 11-CGTEH- Restoring Land and Planting Trees

Chapter 12-CGTEH- Community Food Security

Chapter 13-CGTEH- The False Promise of GEF

Chapter 14-CGTEH- Presticides are poisons

Chapter 15- CGTEH- Sustainable Farming

Chapter 16- CGTEH- Harm from Toxic Chemicals

Chapter 17- CGTEH- A Healthy Home

Chapter 18- CGTEH- Solid Waste

Chapter 19- CGTEH- Health Care Waste

Chapter 20- CGTEH- Preventing and Reducing Harm from Toxics

Chapter 21- CGTEH- Mining and Health

Chapter 22- CGTEH- Oil Illness and Human Rights

Chapter 23- CGTEH- Clean Energy

D- Appendix A-Safety and Emergencies

D- Appendix B-Using Laws to Fright for Environmental Rights


F- Resources and Other Books

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