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A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities PDF Print E-mail
Written by Hajera   


  Dari Translation




B Front Cover 2nd& Table of Contents

C Introduction

Chapter 1- Disability and the Community

Chapter 2- Organizing for Disability - Friendly Health Care

Chapter 3- Mental Health

Chapter 4- Understanding Your Body

Chapter 5- Taking Care of Your Body

Chapter 6- Health Exams

Chapter 7- Sexuality

Chapter 8- Sexual Health

Chapter 9- Family Planning

Chapter 10- Pregnancy

A Community Guide to Environmental Health PDF Print E-mail
Written by Hajera   


Dari Translation 



A Community Guide to Environmental Health-Introduction

Chapter 1-CGTEH- Promoting Community Environmental Health

Chapter 2-CGTEH- Understanding and Mobilizing for Community Health

Chapter 3-CGTEH- Protecting Natural Resources for All

Chapter 4-CGTEH- Envirnomental Rights and Justice

Chapter 5-CGTEH- Health Problems from Unsafe Wate

Chapter 6-CGTEH- Protecting Community Water

Chapter 7-CGTEH- Building Toilets

Chapter 8-CGTEH- Health Problems from Mosquitoes

Chatper 9-CGTEH- Protecting Watersheds

Chapter 10-CGTEH- Forests


Where Women Have No Doctor PDF Print E-mail
Written by Hajera   


Dari Translation




 A-WWHND- introducation
 C-The Green Pages-WWHND
 Chapter 1 WWHND-Women Health is A Community Issue
 Chapter 2 WWHND-Solving Health Problems
 Chapter 3 WWHND-The Medical System
 Chapter 4 WWHND- Understanding our Bodies
 Chapter 5 WWHND- Health Concerns of Girls
 Chapter 6 WWHND- Pregnancy and childbirth
 Chapter 7 WWHND- Brestfeeding
 Chapter 8 WWHND- Growing Older
 Chapter 9 WWHND- Women with Disabilities
 Chapter 10 WWHND- Staying Healthy
 Chapter 11 WWHND-Eating for Good Health
 Chapter 12 WWHND- Sexual Health
 Chapter 13 WWHND- Family Planning
 Chapter 14 WWHND- Infertility
 Chapter 15 WWHND- Abortion and Complications
 Chapter 16 WWHND- STIs and Other Infections of Genital
Chapter 17 WWHND- HIV and AIDS
 Chapter 18 WWHND- Voilence Against Women
 Chapter 19 WWHND-Rape and Sexual Assault
 Chapter 20 WWHND- Sex Workers
 Chapter 21 WWHND- Pain in the Lower Abdomen
 Chapter 22 WWHND- Abnormal Bleeding From the Vagina
 Chapter 23 WWHND- Problems of the Urine System
 Chapter 24 WWHND- Cancer and Growths.pdf
 Chapter 25 WWHND- Tuberculosis
 Chapter 26 WWHND-Work.pdf
 Chapter 27 WWHND- Mental Health
 Chapter 28 WWHND-Alcohol and Other Drugs
 Chapter 29 WWHND- Refugees and Displaced Women
 Chapter 30 WWHND- Female Genital Cutting
 Chapter 31 WWHND- Use of Medicines in Women's Health
 D-Health Care Skills-WWHND
 E-List of Difficult Words