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Written by Hajera   


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The Capacity Building Department of OHRD has 15 year experience in regard provision of capacity development services through conduction of courses, workshops, seminars, conferences and trainings to many national and international organizations and governmental departments. Its creation was based on believes that knowledge is power and quality only can be guaranteed by learning and understanding.

The many years experience of OHRD’s master trainers, and the modern teaching methods they apply enable them to professionally deliver effective packages of trainings.

They have also trained scores of facilitators and master trainers during more than a decade working time with OHRD. They have gained practical experience from conduction of variety of courses, workshops, seminars and facilitation activities. They have played a considerable role in developing training materials and resources in different fields.


• To enhance social justice and to improve economical growth of communities through increasing knowledge in community populations particularly the knowledge level of youth by delivering trainings regarding management package, educational services, human rights, gender, democracy which will be designed with consideration of more attention to Islam as well as cultures in communities.
• To improve the institutional effectiveness of client organizations and to up-grade their capacities, systems and technologies tailored to their needs and requirements.

OHRD has conducted many workshops on more than 62 different subjects for government staff, national and international organizations.


• Provide courses, workshops and facilitations with consultancy services for individuals and organizations, especially those designed to strengthen the managerial and organizational capacity required to perform effectively (to achieve set objectives) and efficiently (at minimum costs). Also to improve institutional capacity of the client organizations in terms of their staff to be trained on the organizations’ policies and procedures, and to increase their capacity to identify projects, raise funds and implement and evaluate projects according to the organization's project cycle management approach.
• Function as a credible Resource Center
• Create mutual linkages with national and international training institutions and create effective task relations with government, media and other significant task performers in Afghanistan.

OHRD capacity building department has trained 2362 trainees through conduction of 145 workshops from 2004 to 2010.