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Written by Hajera   

Our staff well experienced on their field of work. They gain the experience through years of work and provide services for communities, government agencies, national and international organizations. Most important, working practically in the field ensure their close link with the day to day work and we believe this approach enriches our services with reality of the actual facts in the field

Gender Balance:

OHRD is well aware of practical and strategic needs of the women inAfghanistan. OHRD, has developed a gender policy and procedures forincreasing the number and roles of female staff within the organizationand including, addressing the needs of the women into the programs. Inaddition, gender awareness training is conducted for most of themanagerial and program staff. Currently about (130) staffs are workingin OHRD and (26) out of them are female

Main target-groups:

Afghan people living both in rural and urban communities, byconsidering priority to youths as a unique power for development,women, the disadvantaged majority in our society, and vulnerable groups.